Innovative Estate Management

Property Maintenance Solutions

At Turnpower, we offer a fully integrated and professional property maintenance solution throughout London and the Home Counties. Our highly trained and experienced workforce incorporates all Construction Industry disciplines and our service is provided for the Retail, Healthcare, Leisure, Commercial and Social Housing Sectors.  

We are fully committed to providing the highest standards of service to all clients, and proud to support a process of continuous improvement by encouraging innovation and creating a challenging environment that ensures a strong and effective management team.  It is a vital element of our management philosophy to ensure maximum levels of staff motivation and commitment, to which we continuously set and maintain the highest standards and strive to surpass our customers’ expectations. 

Our 7 Point Customer Charter drives our commitment to our customers, ensuring we met every job with a cheerful, courteous and efficient response, and delivering a service that exceeds expectations. 

Our Commitment to Quality 

A rigorous Quality Assurance System forms an integral facet of our activities and provides a clear reference base against which all current practices are audited. It is our way of ensuring that we meet our prime objective of “Continuously satisfying customer needs and requirements”. 

Our ‘7 Point’ Customer Charter

● Ensure a cheerful, courteous and efficient response to all customers enquiries.

● Create and maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times.

● Complete all tasks on time, in a safe, workmanlike manner with a pleasant and helpful attitude.

● Work tidily, clean-up thoroughly on completion and above all, pay attention to detail.

● Avoid incomplete jobs and obtain all necessary plant and materials prior to commencement.

● Communicate information to customers and colleagues, do not make promises that cannot be kept.

● Prevent remedials but ensure the ‘5-star’ treatment if and when they occur.

Our knowledge and experience of working for the Retail sector are matched only by our envied reputation for quality, service and value.


An innovative approach to property management ensuring the clearest of transparency in service couples with driven management and empowered people.


Turnpower offer a fully integrated Helpdesk and professional property maintenance solution with an empowered and knowledgeable team that ensures all challenges are dealt with in the quickest and most efficient manner.  With key industry engineers on hand, our Helpdesk team brings a foundation of support from the moment you need us. 

 Our highly trained and experienced Engineers incorporate all Construction Industry disciplines, our services are currently provided throughout the Retail, Healthcare, Leisure and Commercial sectors. 

Health & Safety 

Safety in all our activities ranks equally with our other principal business objectives and we place great emphasis on both our training and instruction programmes. Turnpower is proud of its Health & Safety record, and of the safety culture engendered throughout the organisation. 

 It is Company Policy to provide first class working conditions for all staff, and to develop working practices that maintain a safe, clean, operational environment for our clients, their customers and the general public. 

Investing in the Future  

In this security conscious age, it is essential for all premises managers and their staff to be confident that contractors and other visitors to their property are both genuine and competent. The Turnpower Team appreciate that we are only as reliable as the workforce we employ.  

That’s why we insist on taking up references before employing any new personnel and make DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks an essential element of our recruitment process. In addition, all our staff are equipped with the latest technology photographic I/D Cards and receive specific site procedure training before being allowed onto Client’s premises. We also insist that all our staff undertake annual asbestos awareness training so that, should any problems of that nature manifest themselves during maintenance work, you can be sure that they will know precisely how to deal with the situation. 

Investors in People

Achieving and retaining accreditation reflects the Company’s major investment in training and development, and demonstrates our focus on quality staff throughout the Company. We really value our employees and recognise the massive contribution they make to the success of the business. People are what make an organisation, and the Investors in People Framework helps us, help every member of our Staff, be the best that they can be. 

 The Investors award is recognised worldwide and is the only Government backed national quality standard that focusses on people. It also has the backing of the CBI, TUC, IoD and all the major political parties. To reach accreditation, participating companies must demonstrate their ability to Lead, Support and Improve. 

 These skills are measured on the basis of 9 indicators:  

  •   Leading and inspiring people
  •   Living the organisation’s values and behaviours
  •   Empowering and involving people
  •   Managing performance
  •   Recognising and rewarding high performance
  •   Structuring work
  •   Building capability
  •   Delivering continuous improvement
  •   Creating success

 At Turnpower, we believe that people make the difference. We know that good people make a great business and we are delighted that achieving the Investors award yet again, underpins that belief. 

Innovative Transparency

In this modern world, expectations of the FM provider are demanding and often time critical. Having the correct engineer, at the optimum time is essential to providing a service that meets the needs of your ever-changing environment.

With our real-time CAFM solutions, we not only know where our key engineers are positioned geographically, but we can also ensure that their logged maintenance times accurately reflect their time spent on the job. All maintenance provisions are entered in real-time, ensuring that our helpdesk are fully informed at every step of the way, bringing engineers, supplies and clients together seamlessly.

Ensuring that our Helpdesk Teams are fully informed and communicating with our engineers correctly is paramount to the success of our service to our clients.

With up to the minute data and a fully empowered team, Turnpower are in the perfect position to keep our clients informed as to any changing situations as they occur and confirm the status of all jobs with pin-point accuracy.

With key information available directly from our engineers, we are able to make informed decisions as to the next course of action and budgetary decisions, especially where cost is critical, knowing that all of the relevant up-to-date information is at hand to support such choices.

Key Features:

● Real-time Information
● Transparent Estate Management
● Consolidated Invoicing
● Guaranteed Cost Savings
● Improved and More Efficient Communication
● Independently Held Data
● Total Supply Chain Integration